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With the ever growing popularity of electronic means of communication between tax professionals and clients, we regularly stress the importance of privacy and security.

The exchange or transmission of your documents, slips and other personal data with regular email accounts can be intercepted  and used by hackers for illegal activities such as identity theft.

TaxWave provides their clients with a free account with e-courier (see ) for any exchange.

With this service, clients can send me copies of receipts, spreadsheets, medical expenses etc. for the purpose of completing their income tax returns accurately and effectively; it also permits me to send them documents for signature or copy of tax return for revision, securely, before Efiling them.

Send us a short message or call us and we'll set up an account for you.

Of course, for clients who prefer the traditional method, we still practice in-person, mail or commercial courier methods for sending or receiving documents.

As part of my responsibilities with government agencies, new clients are required to provide proof of identity on their initial visit.



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